What Apu Biswas said about Abram's religion

What Apu Biswas said about Abram's religion


Abram Khan Joy, son of Shakib Khan-Apu Biswas.  Abram has been growing up in Apu's house since he broke up with Shakib.  Shakib gave time to Abram in the festival.

According to media reports, Apu Biswas left the traditional religion and converted to Islam when she got married to superstar Shakib Khan.  It is also known that Apu Biswas changed his name to Apu Islam.  Recently, Apu Biswas said that he has not left the religion.  You are in the previous religion.

In this situation, what is the religion of Shakib-Apu's son Abram?  Father is Muslim, mother is Hindu.  Curiosity among the Shakib-Apu fans as to which religion Abram will grow up in.

His mother Apu Biswas answered the question of what is the religion of Abram Khan Joy.  "Since my son is with me, he is growing up like me," she said.  She never celebrated Eid with her father.  I can't talk about the future.

Apu Biswas indicated that Abram could choose the religion of his choice.  Will he decide when he grows up to follow his father's religion or his mother's?

Shakib's passion for Abram seems childish to Apu.  "I think his father's caress of my child is childish," she said.  By the infinite mercy of the Creator I am much better.  When I got married in love, I never knew that such a time would come in my life.  Since I have not had any conversion, I am following my religion and want to continue that way.  Apu also said that this time he will celebrate the puja with pomp.

Apu said that he respects all religions.  In this regard, the Dhaliwood heroine said, I have respect for all religions.  When I got married to Shakib Khan, I saw a glimpse of Kabinnama and found no trace of him.  Nothing like the way I was converted through the courts.

Apu Biswas said that he has respect for Islam, adding that he has enough respect for Eid and Islam.  But I have never celebrated Eid.  From Eid-ul-Adha to Eid-ul-Fitr, I have never touched beef.  I arrange khasi sacrifices for my housework people.

Regarding the name change in the media, the former Shakib's wife said, "My name has been promoted in the media as Apu Islam Khan from Apu Biswas."  Nothing has been done to change the name.  Since I married Shakib out of love, I was ready to change my religion.  But nothing has been done in Qur'anic teaching or conversion.

Actress Meher Afroz Shaon has given a status on her verified Facebook with the song.  There he said he liked music as a devout Muslim.  The status given on Facebook through social media last night was highlighted for the readers-

I am a devout Muslim.

Although not regular in many things, I believe in the existence, assurance and judgment of the Absolutely Merciful God.

But I hear that song!  Sing the song !!  Love the song !!!T

hese beautiful flowers, beautiful fruits, sweet river water!  God is your grace. ”- This song is my favorite.

This song is forbidden for believers!  But am I wrong !!!

And "Rain of peace in the middle of the rain" - this is Ravi Tagore's song !!!  What would be wrong with me dear!

 I don't know.

 O Most Merciful Allah, but let me be taken in your remand.  I am terrified of the remand of this human race.


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