I want to start Rohingya repatriation this year: Foreign Minister

I want to start Rohingya repatriation this year: Foreign Minister

After three and a half years of infiltration into Bangladesh after various attempts, not a single Rohingya could be sent back to Rakhine in Myanmar.  Even then, Bangladesh's Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen wants to start Rohingya repatriation this year.  He expressed this hope to the journalists in his office on Sunday.

Abdul Momen said, ‘Rohingya repatriation is a big challenge for us.  We want to start repatriation this year.  On January 1, I wrote a letter to Tint Soe, Minister of State in the Office of the State Counselor of Myanmar, wishing him a Happy New Year.  I wrote to him in a letter, let the repatriation process begin this year. '

Reminding Myanmar of its commitment to repatriate the Rohingya, Bangladesh Foreign Minister Abdul Momen told Tint Soe, "You have said you will repatriate the Rohingya with security.  He promised to create an environment for repatriation.  But no progress has been made.  This requires political will.

 So our expectation in the new year, you keep talking.  Speaking of the past.  Take your own people.  It will be useful.  And if they are not taken back, there is a danger of unrest. '

 Replying to a question, the foreign minister said Bangladesh wants cooperation from China as well as Japan on repatriation.

 "Japan has a lot of large investments in Myanmar," he said.  So we asked them to negotiate with Myanmar.  Japan has assured us of talks with Myanmar.


 The foreign minister said India, like China and Japan, would also hold talks with Myanmar.

 Regarding the relocation of Rohingyas to Bhasanchar, Abdul Momen said, "There is false propaganda about Bhasanchar.  Being false propaganda, it will float away.  But we have been taking care of it since 1990.  Bhasanchar was not harmed in the latest ampane.

 Abdul Momen added, ‘We have decided to go with foreign ambassadors and the media (to Bhasanchar).  I have taken the UN before and more teams will go.

 The foreign minister said there could be a landslide at the Rohingya camp in Cox's Bazar.  Crime is on the rise.  The environment is being harmed.  Besides, social problems are being created.  As the wages of local people have fallen, so have the prices of goods.

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