Dislike of Hero Alams Babu Khaicho song

Dislike of Hero Alam's 'Babu Khaicho' song (video)
On November 26 (Thursday), Hero Alam released a song called 'Babu Khaicho' on his official YouTube channel.  The song was sung by Hero Alam himself.  He is currently discussing this song.

However, considering the reaction on YouTube, it is seen that most of the viewers did not like Hero Alam's song.

Click here to listen to Hero Alam's song 'Babu Khaicho'

Until the writing of this report, the song has been viewed on that YouTube channel about 3 lakh times.  There are about 10 thousand likes on the song.  On the other hand, there are more than 29,000 dislikes.  Besides, there is no good response in the comments.  Matching bad reviews.  It is difficult to find good comments out of about 10 thousand comments.

Most of the commentators of the viral song have trolled the song through various social media.  Again, many have advised Hero Alam not to sing anymore.

Meanwhile, Hero Alam has uploaded another video on his YouTube channel to talk about this song.  Regarding the negative comments and additional dislikes from the audience, Hero Alam said that famous artists do not want to work with Hero Alam.  No one agreed to sing for him.  Hero Alam said angrily that many people had told him to delete the pictures taken with them from social media.  Because of these comments, Hero Alam sang himself.  For his own channel.

He added that he has two more songs coming up.  In the middle of a Bogra language.

Click here to watch the video of Hero Alam's song 'Babu Khaich'

Incidentally, Hero Alam came to the discussion by making a music video at the beginning as he came to the media from a cable trader in Bogra.  Then he acted in movies.  This is the first time he sang a song.

Ranu Mandal, a beggar from Ranaghat station in West Bengal, India, rushed to the skies of Bollywood.  The video of her song posted by a young man on social media went viral and she became an overnight star.  But luck is not always helpful.  So he had to go back to the Ranaghat station, he has to continue with the kindness of the people as before.  The news in the Indian media this time.

It is learned that Ranu came to Mumbai in search of work with her husband and worked for a long time at the house of actor Feroz Khan.  There he learned pure Hindi.  Then he came back to that Ranaghat.  Himesh Reshammiya came to notice after a young man named Atindra recorded his song and posted it on social media last year.  After that Ranur was also called in various reality shows.

However, Ranu Mandal has returned to the previous position from that sensation.  Netizens are blaming his arrogance and abuse as the reason.  As soon as he became a little famous, he started thinking of himself as Keuketa.  When he came to take a selfie, he shouted 'Don't touch' to the fans.  He also made many bad comments about beggars.  After that, the distance between him and the organizers of various events began to increase.  As a result, he had to return to the station premises.

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