China provided Earth video from its own space station

China provided Earth video from its own space station

You've seen the video of what the International Space Station looks like on Earth before, but today you can see what it looks like from the Tianhe Module T in China.

When it is completed in the next year and a half, it will have a name and Tiangong space station has given before, but this time the technology and now there are three astronauts in the space station. For now, it cannot be called Tiangang. It can be called Tianhe for now. Successfully created and sent into space.

There was a problem at the beginning, but the problem was not very big. The problem was that the Long March was launched on April 28. There was a problem with the Five Rocket in the Long March at this time, although there were no problems with any of the two space stations sent to Tianhe. This means that when the placement is done, then up to 100 of the long march five rockets will be launched towards the earth. The next time it became absolutely urgent, there was no problem but who was told by the space commission to take care the next day, no. There is no such problem.

This spacecraft is happening 500 to 20 kilometers above the earth, but not only 500 to 20 kilometers when the distance decreases to 470 80 kilometers, but we know that ISS means the International Space Station 380 to 400 kilometers away from the Earth's surface. We have seen a video of the astronauts orbiting the spacecraft, which can be called Tianhe for the time being, orbiting 480 to 500 km.

But this is the first time we've got ultra-high-definition footage from the Chinese space agency CNS, the Chinese National Space Administration, which can't be called a high-definition high-definition footage from them, and from there the Earth looked amazingly beautiful, even when we saw the night sky. Who could not be seen, but from dawn all day and day and night but we got to see.

I'm sorry to hear that high-definition video in front of you again with this published video.

And let us know that China has a long history of space exploration, working on the rover Mars, called 21 missions to Mars, but successfully completed its own spacecraft or a small space station with the International Space Station. Russia will also send its own space station into space and Russia will give its participation from the International Space Station and in the coming days Russia will build its own space mission from the express station.

For now, there are two space stations orbiting the Earth, one is ISS and the other is TVideo of the campaign I hope everyone will be well and healthy, I will bring the video again.


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