Jamuna Group is investing one thousand crore Taka in Evaly ..?

News has been at the center of the Evaly discussion for the past few months and now they have come to the headlines again.

And what good is it for those of us who are buyers and what good news it is for those who have been ordering for a long time and are not getting delivery or refund.

I will discuss these today, so I will say at the beginning that they will not invest this 1 thousand crore taka at once, Jamuna, it will face it face to face, in the beginning they will invest 100 to 200 crore rupees. This means that they will invest till the maximum of one thousand crore taka

It has been confirmed by both the parties. Every major newspaper in Bangladesh has already gone. You can assume that it is confirmed news and they will definitely invest. They are already ready but Jamuna Group and they have signed an Emo U.

A few days ago, a few companies in Bangladesh and they were disappointed and they said that the amount of their debt is more than their own resources, many people were disappointed to hear this news. Those who had already ordered did not get the money but many were disappointed

At a time when everyone is talking about how to use this investment Evely, they have been briefed a little bit and it has been said that Evely will use this money to create future business development and more new business opportunities, but it is clear. The way did not say that those who have done in the past will be refunded or given the product

Even if they don't say it, we don't know if they will spend some of the money there, but they will pay for the business cycle that they have, which is not broken yet, and they are getting the investment to win. Maybe they will spend it somewhere else. New new new new

Now they are talking on behalf of Jamuna. They are saying that since Jamuna Future Park is one of the largest shopping malls in Bangladesh, they now want to join the online one of the largest e-commerce platform as a reason but will not last long or if subconscious people give more. But then the future of acting became very much certain that they will do business in Bangladesh for a long time

Many are asking whether Bangladesh will become Amazon after this investment ..?

Amazon's business model is different, although the two ecommerce sites will be two company competition, especially the two business models can be compared with John Bangladesh platform competition, but they will be much more competitive when they compete between Daraj and Kimtu company will be in the middle. In fact, those of us who are there will benefit

Excited Initiative Consultant Niribili in one of my places will not be able to maintain them properly because so far with them but there is a quotation that they can not keep the promise that they can not give the product or refund within the time if they keep this Promise Day Achilles may be late, but if it's very minimal, but Hewley will sustain it, but if you can't keep it, you can't do marketing and shopping for crores of rupees. I hope you like today's report. If you like it, then come back to our site. Come on


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